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The goal of Hobgoblin Consulting Services is to assist you in getting your computing infrastructure operating again.

HCS has been in business for over 20 years providing computing services to a select few based on need and availability. Now HCS is available to the general public.

Microsoft Windows

The staff of HCS have a wide range of experience in Microsoft Windows based products at a workstation or home computer level. Viruses, pop-ups and spy ware are moderately easy to clean up. Unfortunately it can be a time consuming problem and at times, you'll need to clean off the computer and reinstall all of your software. HCS can help with that too.

Apple MacIntosh (OS X)

The staff of HCS has familiarity with OS X based Apple products and can assist in getting these systems incorporated and productive in your computing infrastructure.

UNIX (Linux and Solaris)

UNIX based systems are very robust and can be installed on a computer that might not be capable of running a Microsoft system. These systems can be used to provide web servers, game servers and network based firewalls and intrusion detection systems to protect your computing infrastructure.

The staff of HCS is well versed in UNIX based systems and can assist in hardware selection, back up strategies, configuration and day to day maintenance.


In a home environment, you don't want to have to deal with a UNIX based system unless you're into UNIX systems. If so, you probably wouldn't be calling us for assistance. A good tool to protect you from the internet is a simple router. These small, easy to set up boxes can protect you from people who probe the internet for vulnerable systems. It's a well known fact that a Microsoft Windows based system can be compromised before all the patches necessary to secure it are downloaded from the Microsoft update site. With a router, you prevent that compromise both for the initial configuration but for subsequent attacks. Routers are simple to use and let you plug more than one computer in to your internet connection. Remember though, while the use of a router is primary to your security, an incorrectly configured router is almost as bad as being directly exposed to the internet.


Everyone is talking about wireless connectivity now. Did you know that wireless protocols are not secure and that any one with the right tools could be listening to your network conversation. There are ways to configure your connection to be more secure.

Contact: Carl Schelin